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Friday, April 1, 2011

Postcards-Declining Art?

My mother is in France for three months.
She has been gone for about four weeks now.
I was musing the other day how strange that she had not posted any photos yet on Facebook.
Then I thought she has probably not realised how to do that with her i-phone.
That's what people do now days.
Instant, networked and public.
Then the postcard turned up.
Harking back to the days before cameras, telephones in every pocket and the Internet.
Back when people put pen to paper on a weekly basis to communicate.
That was when it was so exciting to check the letter box for a letter from Nan.
I wonder if postcards will die out with the next generation to go?
Perhaps not!
My gorgeous children often write random messages of love on these postcards and send them to me.
They are free advertising cards that they pick up in coffee shops and waiting rooms.
The art work is quite interesting.
I keep it on my fridge.
Sometimes its "I love you mummy"
On the bottom one they wrote: "teeney weeney yellow polka dot bikini"
Just a bit of nonsense but it tells me of her memories of childhood (I exposed them to a lot of music) and it tells me I am thought of randomly in their day.
Emails are great and wonderful ways to stay in touch but a hand written message posted and received days later is like a big bright satiny bow on a package.
How about it? Could you manage a simple penned "I Love You" in someones letterbox next week?


  1. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, I love handwritten whether it be a postcard, letter or quick note.
    Nothing but nothing beats finding an envelope with your address handwritten on it, in the letterbox.
    A letter from my sister in the UK with the Royal Mail stamp on it makes my heart skip a beat with excitement.
    When we went to the UK a few years ago, I had a list of 23 or so people to send postcards to. I was excited to be on holiday and wanted to share it.

    I love emails and comments on my blog but to think someone sat down and took the time to write a letter, well..........

    How lovely of your kids to send you those postcards, very special.

    Email me your address and I will send you a postcard from my corner of the globe.

    Claire :)

  2. I love postcards! I collect the linen ones from the early 1900s of places where I have visited. I frame them all together as a piece of art. They are hard to find, but so exciting when they appear from no where!

  3. That is so NICE your children do that - ummm I might do that for my mum even if we are in the same city... I know she will love that

  4. Yes, I too love postcards and I still buy them along with those silly touristy t-shirts and send them to my dad.
    These days everyone is in such a rush and everything done by hand seems to compromise convenience (It's a shame). I remember how fanciful it felt to brag about your pen pals, man if you brag about something as archaic as that nowadays you'll probably get the stares.

  5. Tanya this post came just at the right time for me. I'm overseas with DH and DD2 has decided to be a 'bit difficult' or, in other words be in a 'snit' with me but will not talk about it or answer my frantic emails and FBook messages. I don't know what 'I've done' which is the frustrating part...but tomorrow I'm going to find a postcard and send it to her with a cheerful message! Thanks again!

  6. I love postcards. I thought you might like a series of books called Gryphon and Sabine there are 3 in total. They are a correspondence between two people in the form of letters and postcards the books are beautiful the artwork amazing, may of the letters are tangible.Your post reminded me to pull them down from my shelf and re read them.

  7. I collect and send postcards.
    I lve to send postcards and letters to my grandchildren.
    I agree, there is something special about receiving mail.
    After my Mother died, my Dad gave me a box full of cards and postcards I had sent my Mum. She treasured them and it made me happy to think of the pleasure we shared in sending and receiving.
    Thanks for the reminder.


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