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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vitamin B Complex

Look what I found on my travels today!
A vintage Vegemite jar, I think the base is milk glass and the lid is old tin.
Do you remember the marketing?
"Vitamin supplement for your diet"
I love my Vegemite....
please see previous post.....


  1. I honestly can't remember what vegemite jars looked like when I was a child.
    My parents were English so I don't think we ate vegemite in the early days.
    It's amazing how those old jars have survived isn't it.

  2. Hey Tanya, I have just finished my vegemite on toast for breakfast, yum......

    Have eaten it all my life, love the stuff.

    Thanks for popping by over at mine.

    A little later than anticipated but I am popping something into the letter box today with your address on it, woohoo........

    Keep an eye out for the postie and have a great Easter,

    Claire X


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