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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Special Followers

Lucy and Bella (aka The Girls)

I'd like to take this moment to thank some of my special followers.....

Emma and Tegan (aka The Girls)

Too numerous to mention, you know who you are!(aka The Girls)

Seriously though, we all blog for various reasons.
Some will throw their stats at you every couple of posts and thank all their followers like its the Acadamy Awards.
For me, blogging is about shared knowledge in a world fast losing some important but ordinary skills. It's about finding community again and along with that some humanity. The nightly news and current affairs shows have been increasingly a) dumbing us down and b) desensitising us with more and more sensationalist journalism. When a disaster happens, we don't get informative facts, we have reporters pushing distraught people till they get a "cry on camera".

So simply thank you for your friendship, and thank you especially to those who take the time to comment and create that conversation that leads to so much more.
Thank you to the generous people on other blogs willing to share their knowledge and patterns for free.
Thank you for your frankness and your different points of view.
( I feel I should be carrying some sort of gold statue of this stage now)
Thanks to Sweet Birdy Love for the blog shout. I have done a couple of rounds with the awards and you can read this post also,
but the intention of this award was to highlight three blogs with less than 300 folllowers.
I would love to recommend to you;


  1. I think blogging has a real community and everyone is so friendly and helpful. I enjoy reading what everyone is up to.

  2. Hi!
    I do try to say hi when I visit someone for the first time ( at least ) and urgh I hate those current affairs shows and give them a very wide berth I also and tend to roll my eyes at people who think they have credibility. * blush *
    I love the blogging community too. :)

  3. Thank you so very much Tanya, that was beautiful & heartfelt. Blogging for me, is about sharing my journey & rediscovering life's simple pleasures. But I didn't expect to find such a wonderful inter-connected community-it's been the best surprise.. cheers ali.

  4. Hey Tanya, my pleasure to shine the spotlight in your direction.

    It is a great community and I came across a saying yesterday that sums things up quite nicely.

    It is the things in common that make a relationship enjoyable, but it is the little differences that make them interesting..... Todd Ruthman

    I found this over at glitterglimps blog.

    Nice pics of your followers, feathered, furry and friendly.

    Claire :}


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