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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Final Growers' Market for the Season

Saturday was our final Growers' Market at Ut si for the season but I really hope to see it up and running again next spring.
It was one of those almost too perfect days. The perfectly still day full of sunshine and warmth, when the sky is so blue it hurts your eyes.
I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Collette and her team for hosting the market.
Collette's drive and creativity really brings it alive and I love her dedication to community and ethical eating.
I know sometimes she thinks she is banging her head on the proverbial brick wall but she IS making a difference. She IS doing something very important. She IS a light in the dark...quite literally when she is up well before dawn trying to coax her naturally levened bread to rise!

Ut si also have a beautiful organic garden out the back that supplies their kitchen with wonderful, fresh produce. It is common to see Chef popping out to pick for the changing seasonal menu.
These are some of the beautiful heirloom tomatoes that they were also selling yesterday.
Little Jenny Wren popped in to say hello and filled her basket too. She looks wonderful and is doing really well. She has a wonderful warm philosophical outlook on life.
While she was there she and her husband also had a chance to chat with Papa about the wood fired oven where Ut si bakes their own bread.

I didn't have any excess produce to sell as the garden is ticking along with only enough for our needs at the moment.
I figured there would be lots of tomatoes and basil so I converted my hens eggs into fresh pasta.
It wasn't a promising start when one of the first locals through said:
"Uurrghh, what IS it?"
"It's spaghetti"
"Urrrggghhh! What do you DOooo with it?"
"You boil it"
I thought Oh no, is this what I stayed up till 2.30am for! Craig and I will be eating pasta for a week!
Happily it was recognised by other customers and I'm pleased to say it was a sell-out.
Do pop in and visit Collette at Ut si (Latin for "as if") and take a wander through her beautifully landscaped garden. Sit with a mezza plate under the spreading tree in the sunshine and you will think you have been carried off to somewhere exotic for a mini holiday. But perhaps you would like a second opinion? They have also been featured in Gourmet Traveller and you can read this great post from Spicy Icecream.


  1. Hey Tanya, lovely shadow shot of your bunting, looks wonderful against the beautiful blue sky..........

    Nice to know there are people out there who are aware of handmade, homegrown and aren't all ignorant !! I'm glad your efforts with the pasta making weren't in vain.........

    It sounds like a lovely market and it's great having people like Collette with the vision and drive to make a difference.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

    Claire :):

  2. Your bunting looks nice and I think we all like wandering around markets buying lovely fresh food.

  3. I bet that pasta was yummy! I followed the link to the 'Spicy Icecream' blog and reading about Ut Si made me regret we didn't find it last when when we stayed in Launceston to visit a friend in Evandale...we ate at some ordinary places instead...

  4. Ha! You made me laugh with the spaghetti remarks! Glad some people knew what to do with it. I answered your question about fabric buying with a long drawn out post if you have time to drop by :)

  5. you good thing Tanya - your pasta looks great !
    With saturdays free you'll have no excuse now not to plant your winter vegies ;)
    I hope Collette keeps the market going next Spring - it really is a great venue and location, so enjoyed the few visits I was able to make (as did the little helper).
    Now to go find a pasta recipe !

  6. Love the tomato picture! You're season is winding down and mine is just beginning. In fact, I'm on the search for a local farmers market.

  7. I also am on a search for a local farmers market. Looking forward to fresh veggies from our own garden. Love your pictures.


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