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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweet Birdy Love

Today in the mail I got Sweet Birdy Love!
Claire's blog posts read like a letter from home. They remind me of the letters that my grandmother and I used to write back and forth; day to day things, a bit of weather, what the family was up to....

I follow Claire's creativity closely too. She uses lots of polka dots and one of my favourite themes is chickens.
When I saw this beautiful needle holder on her blog recently I just had to have one. I was only lamenting that week the muddle I was getting in with all my embroidery and sewing needles.

Don't you just love the little saying on the back.
Suits me so fine!
And inside my needles will stay sorted and ready as I do a lot of my embroidery on the go in waiting rooms and other peoples' places.

I was overwhelmed with her generosity though, not only did she gift me the needle book, but also
the red chicken tea towel and an egg cosy. Did you notice the chicken design in the first picture and in the one above the other side is an egg.
I've said it before and I'll say it another million times before my life is through,
there are many beautiful and gentle folk out there and there is certainly hope for humanity yet.
Nearly everyday I read about random acts of kindness and I know that this must be happening ten-fold because these people are doing in our community circles too.
Thank you Claire with all my heart.
Thank you for making a difference.


  1. Home sick today and this lovely blog pops up to cheer me.
    Beautiful work and a very kind heart.

  2. Hey Tanya, so glad you like the needle book etc. it was a pleasure to put it together and post it off to you.

    I love your description of my ramblings............. 'like a letter from home' you hit the nail on the head. That's it to a 'T'.

    These needle books were popular at my last market, so I can see myself whipping up a few more.

    As you say there are many people out there doing lovely things for others, including yourself and that's what I love about blogging too.

    Enjoy the rest of this 'short' week,

    Claire X

  3. WOW what beautiful work she does!

  4. You are a spoilt girl Tanya !

    Can spot Claires work a mile away - her Bgurk signiture is a crack up.

    I drool over her blog and always wish that she was on our island so i can scam some machine embroidery classes off her its just that inspirational, not to mention her wonderful garden and silly cat.

  5. Love the rooster towel. Of course I love anything with a chicken on it these days.


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