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Monday, March 18, 2019

The Wedding

Shall I tell you about the wedding....
It's taken us a lot longer to recover than I thought. We have physically worked jolly hard, but I had not accounted for how emotional the whole experience is. Add to that the precious time you are trying to see family members in a small window of opportunity. 
 It's wonderful, too much, too fast, too perfect....
and over....

My daughters brief, with the aid of lot's of pintrest boards, was for a remote wedding in an open paddock with a "bo-ho luxe" feel. I'll do another post in the future that will explain exactly what you need to make that magic happen (mostly it's hired electricity...)

As I came over the rise on the Friday morning it was good to see the marquee up and ready. This spot is right on top of rolling hills above a valley and offers sweeping views to the north, east and south.
The farm is called "Hillcrest" and it is situated at Pawleena. I will hopefully provide more details in another post when Brad gets his social media links organised but it's just one of the jobs on a long list for this energetic farmer who breeds beef for the wagu industry.

(Keep reading, the good bits coming)

Set up took a couple of days for this "simple affair" and the flowers couldn't be done until the day because possums and wallaby would have come through during the night and eaten them. The hay bales used for seating couldn't be done until the day either otherwise the cattle would have broken through the fences to eat those too! I don't have many photos, there literally was NO time and I was working against the clock to get it all up on Saturday and still get home and get ready.

(nearly at the good bit)

It was THE most inhospitable day!!! It broke the record....
The HOTTEST day in Tasmania in March for 109 YEARS!
It was 39C (102F) and the wind was gusting up to 45km/h
The flowers did not like it and I was glad I had made the centre piece from dried as I had been watching the weather and changing my plans on the fly. 
March in Tasmania is typically gentle; full blue skies, kissing breezes and sunny days...but you can't control it so you've just got to do the best you can, and in the end, everything is always "perfect" anyway.

Unconventionally, Mark and Ted arrived in the same car and they came down the aisle together. They have been together a number of years now and coming down the aisle together symbolised their continuing journey with the formalising of their commitment in ceremony. I have felt for a long time now that are families are entwined and it felt right to me that she was not walked down the aisle and given to another and that their relationship is acknowledged and solemnised.

(are we there yet!)

The Good Bit

Their wedding was slightly unconventional and it was their way and a wonderful family filled celebration. Our grandson here was the ring holder and giver. Our 4 year old grandson sang a welcome song at the beginning of the ceremony but the biggest surprise of all.....

Our son Izaac stood before everyone with the couple and said,

"Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. My name is Izaac. I am Tegan's brother, and believe it or not, being the all-round guy that I am, I am actually a registered Marriage celebrant."

I laughed. What new frivolity now?

He looked me in the eye and said most earnestly

"No really, I AM!"

My first reaction was No! Noooo! Really? NO!!!
Then I cried.
Tegan said "Come on Mum, it's only a Cert IV"

What a big secret to have and to keep for so long. Izaac with the help of his partner, friends and his other sisters had to study and do exams and mock wedding assignments for the past 12 months and literally got his registration completed within weeks of the wedding.

Their vows were beautiful and straight from the heart and experiences. It was a privilege to be part of such a special intimate moment.

For the past 12 months, Teddy has been punching out heart shaped confetti from gum leaves and Ju let fly with all the joy we all felt (captured at left by their photographer, Cassie Sullivan)

They had a massive grazing table made from a slab of Macrocarpa timber set upon hay bale legs which meant guests were straight away eating along with their drinks. A mobile gourmet pizza man arrived with his oven on the back of a trailer and he smashed out enough pizza for 100 people catering for many tastes. In the picture below you can just see his car and trailer leaving in the top left hand corner....just as.......

The ice-cream truck came over the hill with it's jingle playing and nobody was fist pumping the sky greater than Julien. It was ultimate excitement and a very good way to serve desert and a perfect solution to the dilemma of keeping yet more things cold in a paddock.

The bride was pretty stoked too.

And then they partied....
and I took the grandbabies home to bed.

A wedding like this does not come together over-night nor without the help of many, many people. Mark and Ted had a wonderful team and support network and I would like to thank all the family and friends who came together. Her bridesmaids were amazing and so kind and supportive and worked tirelessly for months and I thank them especially for looking after my girl x.

And then we packed up and it all vanished like magic, leaving just the view, the cows and the memories.

This blog primarily exists for my children so...
I would also like to especially thank our beautiful children 
Emma and Robbie 
 Izaac and Camilla
for their love, support co-operation and hard work.

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