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Monday, May 14, 2018

A Boy In Autumn Waiting

It's been all about the leaves and colours these past couple of weeks and seeing autumn anew through a child's eyes.

The excitement of new gumboots for muddy puddles on misty cool days and hand knitted yard jumpers in pure merino yarns. Beanies with pom poms on top to keep little ears warm.

Winding some new skeins into balls and choosing patterns.

Collecting leaves and taping them to paper and tracing around some.
Shapes, colours, berries, textures....

Talking about trees and their roots. Leaves and their veins. The pathway of nutrients in sap and the shutting down for winter. 
He calls winter, "The Snowy Time", the time not too far away now when his sister will arrive.
She is eagerly awaited as we revel in our autumn waiting for Aubrey.

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