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Monday, April 18, 2011

Vegemite Scrolls with a Twist

I had a very busy day today.
Lots of cooking and gardening.
I made a batch of Vegemite cheese scrolls with jalapeno peppers for our lunch boxes.
I was inspired by the recipe Lee posted at Killiecrankie Farm.
Its very frugal and I have frozen half the batch to enliven lunchboxes or maybe take to the football on Saturday.
The dough is very simply made in the bread maker while you get about other chores.
Once its done roll into a rough rectangle and spread with the desired toppings and cut and bake.
Lee provides a how-to on her post and also a cost break down.
Lee also gives a version for cinnamon scrolls and really you are only limited by your imagination.
Next time I am planning a batch with chutney and cheese.


  1. I am going to make some. A great idea!!

  2. Oh I do the same thing but put in cheese, ham and tomato paste - boys love it for lunches. A change to sandwiches

  3. How yummy do they look, I can almost smell the aroma.........delish...

    Claire :}

  4. Good idea, I hadn't thought of using vegemite in pinwheels - have previously only used cheese, tomato sauce and sometimes a bit of ham or bacon. Wonder if my 4 yr old will eat vegemite this way as he won't eat it in a sandwich!

  5. hey they turned out well !

    i especially like the jalapeno twist - next batch at our place will be Adults Only - kids whinge too much if i put chilli in ;)


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