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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eating Out of my Hand

Over the Easter weekend, my girls and I went to the zoo near Richmond.
They have some exotics like; monkeys, tigers, lions etc
but we really had the best time with the good old natives.
There were a number of (amazingly) tame marsupials. I think this is a Red Forester kangaroo.
There were Eastern Greys and Wallabies of many types.
I didn't quite trust them; note how I stand to the side....
that's because I am always wary of them "standing" on their tales and double kicking one in the chest.
Not a peep out of them.
Look at this gorgeous guy.
He was the biggest and probably about my height but he didn't deign to partake in the food/photo exchange.
I love painting kangaroos (with oils) (pictures not the literally the animal) and I was able to get some really great close up anatomical shots.
They are so cool and laid back.
Wonderful feet shots.
Beautiful face shapes.
Look at the musculature here.
Emma is about 5'4" so I reckon this roo is about 4' or a little under.

We also took a "safari bus" ride (read very tongue in cheek) and fed voracious emus, ostriches and camels.
The kangaroo and emu were chosen to be the symbols supporting either side of the Australian Coat of Arms because neither animal can move easily backwards and they represented a young country moving forward.

That's Emma engrossed in her mobile phone...
"Ehem! There is a camel right behind you"

Tegan feeding chaff to an ostrich from a bucket.
The wind and ostrich was scattering the chaff down everyone's tops.
Lots of hilarity and hysterical giggling.
Emma even fed the pet sheep and goats and found out quickly that they are very single-minded boisterous animals when it comes to food. Suffice to say I almost wet pants!


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Isn't it nice to enjoy it with your family??

  2. Awesome - been wanting to go there for years !

    The emu's at the park where we used to live used to steam sausages straight off the bbq's - HOT !

    Looks like your Easter down south was fun :)

  3. Yes the adventurous safari - seriously cracked me up when I took the boys in the holidays. The two larikins helped! It was the camels leaning in and all that made me squeal!!!


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