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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

This image looks very much like a scene (sans robed shepherd) in Tasmania.
Good Friday is a day kept in sombre thought and reflection in  my family.

I have travelled to Hobart to spend the Easter period with my daughters.
I will accompany my mother-in-law to Good Friday Mass in the afternoon.
We eat very simply and plainly.
It disappoints me greatly that people hold "seafood feasts" in the name of Good Friday.
 I look forward to the Charlton Heston movie on ABC in his starring role of "Moses".

This is what Good Friday means to me.


  1. Good for you Tanya. It is indeed a day of reflection and meaning.

  2. It could easily be somewhere Deloraine lovely pic..:))
    I think the world has forgotten what Easter is all about..
    Easter Greetings :))

  3. Tanya thank you for the reminder of what Easter is all about. I was fretting about not being able to have my normal Good Friday breakfast of hot cross buns...Americans don't seem to 'do them' We will miss attending our usual parish service but will find something close by...have a wonderful Easter with your family.


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