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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is Your Name On The Guest List?

Prince William is set to marry the commoner Kate Middleton tomorrow.
Is your name on the guest list?
Start with Lord or Lady,
then choose one of your grandparents names as your first name.
Your surname consists of the name of your first pet hyphenated (of course)
with the name of the street that you grew up on.
Have a go and a giggle,

Yours ever-so-right-royally
Lady Ellen Rinty-Bowley

(yep! My first dog was named after Rin Tin Tin!)


  1. Hey Tanya, what a hoot. Your name sounds quite royal actually.............

    I would be Lady Mary Nicky-Brodie, ooooh that doesn't sound so royal does it, hehehe.........

    Thanks for popping by,

    Claire :}

  2. How do you do...I am Lady Emily Tiddles-Main....

  3. Lady Lily Bessie-Underwood....haha sounds better than Lord Clarence Bessie-Corner....lots of fun!

  4. mine sounds confused--lady elsie mister-elmwood. or like two people. lady elsie and mister elmwood.

  5. Yes I'm on the list.
    I'm staying at the same hotel as the Middletons
    Lady Elizabeth Terry- Cohen

  6. Love it! I would be Lady Margaret Lucky-Edgar!
    Alas we're not on the guest list but will dress up this evening (the mother of the bride outfit from DD1 's wedding)and watch TV whilst sipping champers and nibbling on chicken sandwiches! DH will wear his tuxedo t shirt! lol

  7. How funny
    I would be Lady Elizabeth Candy-Lockbridge!

  8. Hmmm
    Lady Coral Boots-Keenan
    Lord William Boots-Keenan


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