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Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Apron For Me

I have found a wonderful apron pattern that is;
covers generously,
completely reversible,
Sizes S-XL
and easy to sew.

It's McCalls Retro Aprons pattern #M5643

You know I usually source thrifted fabric but the day before I spotted this rose pattern in the local haberdashery shop and had to have it.
It looks very similar to a Villeroy & Boch dinner set pattern
"Switch Summerhouse-A Rose"
of which I have some pieces and have never grown tired off.

I couldn't cope with a whole dinner set but it accents beautifully with the green version and plain white naturally.
So I have really spoiled myself and paid waaayyy more than I normally would for "apron fabric"

 for now it will hang in my kitchen for a couple of days till I get up the nerve to stop looking at it and actually get it dirty.


  1. Love the pattern and the material is very pretty.

  2. Stunning! I'd be wearing that little baby out on the town with pride.

    Could be yet another trend started right here. They are way too pretty to be getting dirty in the kitchen.

  3. Gorgeous apron Tanya, just love the colour combination. Think I would be wearing it out to check the mail, take out the rubbish, get the washing. Just let the neighbours know that aprons can be stylish and beautiful as well as practical. I might even forget to take it off when I go down to the corner shop, hehe..............

    Claire :)

  4. Wow, thats a stunning apron, Very elegant, you must feel like a million dollars prancing around the kitchen in this one. I'm in the process of cutting up old dresses to use as aprons, that way I don't need to sew on any extra frills etc... We'll see how we go! I love your Bunting too,thanks for the tutorial, they certainly brighten things up... Love your Blog... :)

  5. Ohh this is absolutely gorgeous. I'm seeing so many things inspiring I'm sure to pull my sewing machine out again sometime very soon!

  6. oh Tanya I LOVE LOVE LOVE your apron the fabric is so gorgeous and you have done a beautiful job you have really inspired me to make one (although it may take me years) but I am going to have to buy that pattern.

  7. A beautiful apron. Are you the maker of aprons at Resurekt??


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