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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finished Bunting/Entertaining With Elegance Cont'd

This has been such a satisfying project and a little addictive in a way.
I really want to make more but my next project is an apron for ME!
I have a couple already in the Resurekt shop if you are looking for a good generous covering, reversible apron.
So as we peruse the bunting of thrift I thought it would also be appropriate to share again a couple of gems from the "Entertaining With Elegance" book by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux.(published 1966)

"D" is for "Decoration" (how appropriate)
"Every woman wants her home to be more beautiful than ever when she entertains....
You do not want to leave the coffee table and side tables completely bare...but the only objects , magazines and books that remain should be those things you have left on purpose. Usually this means hiding the detective novels and girlie magazines and leaving Teilhard de Chardin and Country Life....
While it is not chic to decorate your home for normal entertaining, there are special occasions when you can release all your pent up decorative urges (heh heh, see Arabian Nights!)

Dinners For Two.
" seems to me very worthwhile going to a bit of trouble in order to give your husband the impression that every time he comes home in the evening he is going to a party....
Try to put aside until later your worries and problems. Don't overwhelm him the moment he arrives. He usually spares you the detailed account of whatever disagreeable moments he may have experienced during the day's work....Try also to vary the menus as much as possible....he will become as fine a gourmet as you wish if only you give him the opportunity to acquire a gastronomic education.
By putting into practice these simple ideas, both of you will enjoy one pleasant dinner after another, and towards the end of your life you will be amazed to discover what perfect serenity you have achieved together..."

Sound a little twee? Maybe but there is some sound sense in the bones of this piece of advice. If a couple are to achieve long lasting serenity then I think concerted effort (by both parties) in the small things, like dinner together, is as valuable today as then.

Drinks like Dinners is an exhaustive subject and Divorce was mentioned also.

Dutch Treats was interesting though
"....Nowadays, even adults, if they are close friends , may decide to share the expenses of a gourmet meal, theatre party....In the case of restaurants and night-clubs, it is more elegant (and easier for the waiter) to have one member of the group act as treasurer, and then to settle up afterwards with him, rather than ask for separate bills."

I have to say agree with this one. There is nothing more cringe-worthy than the meal paying melee at the end of a pleasant evening. It often inconveniences other patrons too when the staff are tied up sorting out spaghetti finances for groups. Before heading out, it is far easier to make sure you have cash in assorted notes in order to hand the right money into the kitty.


  1. Love the bunting...not so sure about the marital advice but sure do agree with the last one about dining bills!

  2. I LOVE the bunting!
    I HATE those old advice columns that tell us women to put a pretty ribbon in our hair. When Mr. Boom dons a bow, then maybe I will too--but not one day before then!
    Did I mention I LOVE the bunting?

  3. I love the bunting! and it would look lovely on a market stall.

  4. The bunting looks great. Genevieve's advice is interesting, but after re-reading it, the only objectionable bit is the first paragraph. The second bit about putting problems aside till later sounds reasonable to me, and the last bit about varying the menu, is what most of us do anyway.

  5. The bunting is lovely..that fabric was a smart investment!

  6. The bunting is great, the colours are so fresh.


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