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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not Naff Anymore

In the last post I introduced you to Rita Summers.
I also spotted this basket full of old patterns in her gallery/studio and I just had to take a photo for
There has been a lot of talk in blog circles I am in awe of the love and supportive friendships that have grown from blogging. People we have never met and may never meet have become near and dear.
We get to know them or at least the very style or essence of them.
I can't look at vintage patterns like this without thinking fondly of dear, gentle, Jenny.

How about that basket?
I can remember when I was little thinking how naff these sort of things were. Those baskets for keepsakes made from old birthday cards and crocheted together...urgh.
Now I see them as beautiful for I see the time and dedication that has gone into them. Creating something useful from scrap, or in the case of the birthday cards, a sentimental treasure. A time capsule of style in itself.
Stationview Cottage has a lovely post about this topic in regard to quilts and fabric.

My friends at Resurekt have recently bought a book from a thrift shop showing how to make these baskets. I like the idea of finding something sentimental to make them with, like photos or cards, and wouldn't they make lovely Easter baskets.


  1. Hey Tanya, love the basket full of vintage patterns.

    My great aunt made us some hanky box type containers using the same technique as the basket. Don't know where they ended up but I guess at the time being very young I too would've thought they were very 'old lady'....
    BUT fast forward a few years and I can see them in a completely different light. Maybe its nostalgia, don't know. But I do love wicker baskets and always keep an eye out for the perfect one.

    Claire :)

  2. I can remember having a card basket as a child. They are delightful, maybe we could start a revolution and bring back the card basket craft.
    A great way of recycling.

    There could also be the resurgence of the dolly with the crochet dress that goes over the toilet roll. Hmm! Maybe not. Ha..ha..ha

  3. we will have to have a local card basket making workshop! (those patterns look just great in the basket)
    I am so sentimental that even though I may not like things at the time - if family made it I will keep it anyway. Believe it or not we were told if you want to keep it do, otherwise just give it away. I am so glad we didn't! (glad you liked the post)

  4. the quilt I was talking about keeping! (lost a few words somehow in that post)

  5. you wouldn't believe i have one of those naff baskets - mine is a shopping basket with Mt Fuji on it - now a magazine rack !
    I really like yours, what do you suppose the plasticy stuff is ?
    Wonder how you make them ?
    hehe a new generation of naff basket makers in the ranks . . . .remember how crochet used to be naff too . . .

  6. I have been looking for vintage patterns for awhile now. The only ones I can find are on the internet and are extremely expensive! Love the basket too. I don't have a clue what "naff" means but I'm thinking it must be really good!

  7. Hi Tanya, thanks for thinking of me.
    There used to always be baskets made from birthday cards at the St Marks church fair and all the ladies just a bit older than my mum knew how to make them. I loved the baskets as a child but never owned one, Mum thought they were naff.


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