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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Year of the Metal Rabbit

Something very funny has been going on round here for a couple of months now.....
Ordinary household objects keep disappearing.

My metal preserving thermometre, toenail clippers, crochet hooks...

Craig thinks I am just having early onset dementia but I have turned this house inside out.

I keep cutting myself with scissors (not intentionally obviously), pricking my fingers with pins and cutting my finger on tin lids.

The knives seem to be going blunt quickly and even the ordinary dinner knives seem very dull.

There is definitely a disruption to the energy in this house.
It had me wondering about the Feng Shui for this year and....

lo and behold
when I looked it up,
2011 is the year of the Metal Rabbit (Xin Mao)

The East and West contain most of the inauspicious energies this year.
It is definitely time for a tidy up and a good look at the kitchen and the front entry way.
The remedy for the East this year is the placement of metal to exhaust the earth energy. Luckily the kitchen is already full of lots of metal but it needs a re-jig of the placements. Perhaps some coffee pots and brass candlesticks at immediate eye height.

As I am an air horse, I am particularly effected apparently by this year.
I do so hope my metal objects come back once of have placed some fixes.

As for the "Rabbit" I think I have that covered.
The strange thing is that I don't actually collect rabbits,
but it occurs to me that if I can find this many around the home,
then I have a lot of "stuff" which could be a Feng Shui dilemma in itself!


  1. gordon bennett !

    luckily our house is north south, and i think the water feature might end up being winter floods (again) - go La Nina in exit mode!

    Planting to the west - most definately - for any aussie.

    And an extension - in my dreams - i'd put up with one facing east if it was on offer.

    This Feng Shui is hard to keep up with.

    Honestly I'd just blame Craig for putting things away in a man sensible place - much easier to explain ;)

    In saying that I have misplaced two sets of secateurs, a mactool and three sets of scissors and my pin jar - and I'm Year of the Dog (noted for sharp tongues)!
    Can we blame electro magnetic interference from all the mobile phones do you think ?

  2. That's a brilliant post - I love the rabbits :)
    A xoxo


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