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Friday, March 18, 2011

Surprise Package

What a delightful surprise to get this in the mail today from Sarah at If Only I Had Chocolate.
She has created this especially for me just this week, so I know where her spare time has been spent.
Isn't that a gratifying thought, that someone spent hours in making something for you....
It's a whole different level isn't it?
I love being in this "place" of my life where maturity allows me to really revel in the simplest things.
At 18 or even 28, I didn't have the same level of appreciation, not because I was a bad person, I just didn't have the life skills under my belt.
I love that my life is so much fuller and richer in the simplest of ways. When I was young, days must have passed in a haze. I remember being horrified to the same level today, frightened about the same things; the concerns are still the same. But it is the level of delight and appreciation that has heightened for me these past years and that is beautiful beyond words. Every day has the potential to reveal dozens of delights.
That's why every day I acknowledge to myself at least one "It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This..." moment.
Today I go off to work loving my new dish cloth, revelling in the love of another who took time in her day for me.
My new pressie goes beautifully with my new hand towel. Which by the way is where I have been head down this past week. I have been making hand towels and aprons (in very generous sizes) exclusively for Resurekt at 207 Invermay Rd Invermay

Sarah's gift got me thinking how lovely and personal this dish cloth is. "T" is easy enough to do but you might need to map out your knit/purl stitches on a bit of grid paper for more complicated rounded letters.
These would be great added to your Christmas present list.

This weekend is the growers market at Perth in the grounds of Ut si on the main Rd and I'm looking forward to the intelligent, witty company of Lee from Killiecrankie Farm on the stall. We will have Dave Potts there also this Saturday who is a real live organic vegetable farmer on a much larger scale than my small holding.
Suffice to say with the three of us and the very tempting selections of Ut si's on site wood fired oven, it looks like a quality day ahead.

Finally, a dear friend of mine on the other side of the world is in need of your prayers for her family.
Please take one minute today to send positive supportive thoughts. As you do, could you please visualise the sun and imagine it's warmth flooding through you. Feel the penetrating  rays on your shoulders. Gather it all into a ball and throw it to her in America.
Thank you in advance as I know you are already snowed under with your prayers for New Zealand, Australia and Japan and that you are also sending peace to the Middle East too. It's a very busy time in our world but never under estimate the power of prayer, what ever form you make it in.


  1. Tanya, I loved the way that you expressed your feelings about how happy you are at this stage of your life. Increasingly I'm finding the same thing!

  2. It was an absolute pleasure Tammy : o )


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