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Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Phenomenon #1.
Poor Rhonda really took a hit last week on her blog Down To Earth 
We all love her blog, well nearly  all of us.
Some people (2 in this instance) feel a bit "Holier than thou" and think judgement and censorship is a valid form of comment on an other's blog.
I once saw a post about something on a blog I followed that really disappointed me and went against my ethics BUT it was that person's lifestyle and their choice. I didn't comment. I can't help feeling differently about them and I can't bring myself to read any of their posts at the moment, but I didn't comment. 
If a post asks the question at the end and invites you to sock it to them, good or bad, then fine, go for it.
But I digress...
Phenomenon #1 is....
Despite receiving 466, 279 awesome and supportive comments,
it's the 2 negative ones that will cut most humans to the bone!
It's the same in the workplace, you might get 8 positive statements from your boss about your work but it's the 1 criticism that you will remember that night when you are brushing your teeth.
I'm no psychology major but I do think this is interesting and think a lot about what this means about the human psyche and those who know how to manipulate this energy.
So lets all try to think before we speak and remember the power of words.

Phenomenon #2

Why do dogs always want to be with you when you go to the toilet?
I know it's not just mine.
Other people's dogs do it too!
Is it a "protect the pack leader while they are vulnerable" thing???
Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

I know there are plenty more out there,
so please feel free to share your phenomenon in the comments and you can even number them.


  1. Great post Tanya.

    I agree with everything you said...I dont comment if I read something I do not agree with, I am definitely not a conflict person! I am not sure what I would do if I received one of these awful comments, probably close my blog down as Frugal Queen has. Outright bullying is what it is!

    The dogs, well I dont have any inside the house atm since my little girl (foxy) passed away a few years ago. But when the grand dog comes to visit (spoodle), he follows me everywhere, even to the toilet. If I dont watch our he grabs the toilet paper and runs off with it lol.

    Have a great day,


  2. I don't know what I would do either. I've only ever received supportive kind comments, but you are right, a judgemental one would cut to the quick I think. My little dog, who died last Easter, would always come to the toilet with me. I'd like to know why as well.

  3. haha the photo of your dogs made me laugh! My cat always barges in when I am in the loo if I dont shut the door fully. She comes in and wanders around then leaves. Sticky Beak! haha


  4. I totally agree with what you have said as well, and can exhaust this topic. I read things all the time that I may not agree with or are not a part of my lifestyle, and I believe it's none of my business anyways. I have been a victim in this way a few times...Just to share, when I first began my sewing blog, I was so excited and having a great time sharing until I received an anonymous (yes they are such cowards) nasty comment against me being a Muslim. Then the next few posts I found myself feeling a little leery about what I post. That didn't last long, I said to yourself, "Look if they can't see beyond my religion then that's on them and no one is forcing them to read my blog and nor am I trying to convert or save anyone. Then once I received a comment from a Muslim asking why I'm not blogging in a more Islamic way...What!? It's a sewing blog! My sewing Blog!


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