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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Memory Montage

You may recall seeing this photo when I did a post after Christmas last year. No doubt I was waxing lyrical about seascapes and summer themes.
Central to this photograph is a memory montage glued into an inexpensive deep box frame (they probably have a proper name- please supply in the comments if you know) from a bargain store.
I wish I had bought a few more because they are lovely keepsakes and make lovely gifts.

You may also recall my previous posts about The Cottage Kitchen Sink that we have spent lovely holidays at the family cottage in White Beach on the Tasman Peninsula. It has been sold now and all we have are the memories.
This montage particularly reminds me of an early morning walk on the beach with my eldest daughter.
It was about 7am and autumn time. Our pants were rolled up and we carried our shoes. The breeze was only light and cotton jumpers were all that we needed.

It's not a particularly "shelly" beach but commonly found are the shells of sea urchins and oysters, testament to the abundant food in this area and the popularity with fisherman. This abundance also supports a healthy bird population of many species.
The aborigines must have loved this spot for food and shelter.
A piece of green sea glass, reminds me of the footprint of man.

Likewise the small tangled roll of fine wire.
The area is mere kilometres from Port Arthur, a convict colony of 1830-1877.
The Peninsula was a very important and strategic colony for settlement by foreigners and while it remains fertile and rich it is still it's historical beginnings that it is most known for.

This reminds me of family times.
It reminds me of an ordinary walk in an ordinary moment of time that might otherwise been lost.
It reminds me of my daughter in rare reflection.
It reminds me of the bounty of our earth at sea shore.
It reminds me of how precious and co-dependant that system is.
It reminds me of humanity's mark.
For others it is just a pretty decoration.
For others it will touch them in different ways.
So many meanings, so many uses, so simply made, so simply cost.


  1. What a great idea and you have your memories on show forever

  2. Is it called a shadow box frame??? I love this idea and I have several of these kind of things around our home. I have one I made for my husband with things collected on our honeymoon (we drove around tassie in his old ej holden) and one with things we have collected from around our home (finds in the garden etc). So lovely to be reminded of these memories on a daily basis.

  3. Just gorgeous, Tanya. There truly are so many stories and histories on this island to be recorded. J x

  4. What a wonderful idea! We just got back from Tybee Island and I may just have to try this out!

  5. Hey Tanya,
    This wonderful post made me think of so many memories I could preserve in this way. I have been scoring huge at this one particular thrift store across town lately, it is loaded with good finds like your box frame. I sure hope I find one so I can preserve some special memories of my own. I think the first one I will put together will be of some small sewing items my mom left behind, I will hang it in my sewing area and remember all the good sewing times we had together...Thanks so much for sharing this.


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