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Monday, January 10, 2011

Washing the Christmas Tree

We are lucky to have hot sunny days here at the end of Christmas.
I bought my tree 21 years ago at a really good price because it was missing it's base that it goes in to stand up (I just use a beach/market umbrella stand) otherwise I would not have been able to afford a tree of this quality at the time. It has been a great investment with lush realistic looking structure.
I am very particular about storing the Christmas things and looking after them.
We had a super hot day and I hung the Christmas tree on the clothes line and gave it a hose to wash out the last couple of years of dust and then left it to thoroughly dry before packing it away in the afternoon.
I have old doona covers and European pillow covers that I use to swaddle my tree and then pack into a box.

I have an old wardrobe from the op shop in the garage specifically for the decorations which means I can keep them pretty protected and dust free.
The decorations are all packed into their own boxes and I close the lid I smile to think how future generations when I am go might one day lift this lid and talk about me. I know that Christmas memories will be my legacy. The decorations are the tangible reminders.

So the nativity set is carefully bubble wrapped and in it's own plastic storage tub and everything is freshly dusted and in it's place now I have light and airy glass with light marine colours and themes.

It  is another opportunity to rotate the platters and other servingware, bringing to the fore the dishes for summer entertaining and inspiration.

We have been running the air conditioning the last few days - even Tassie gets the odd few days of 30C+ and it's lovely to have cooling, calming scapes I think.


  1. you do put odd things in your washer tanya !

    what a great idea about the op shop wardrobe - we have one in the shed that i am now earmarking for just this purpose - seeming as i'm not allowed to bring it into the house!

    and well, we just have an autumn bonfire for all those tree's that didn't get their act together this year - so no washing days for us ;)

    P.S. love that off white urn - gorgeous !

  2. I have a delighted smile on my face at that Christmas tree hanging up on the line drying.

    Such a yummy drink set, love the colour.


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