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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hangover Food

Leftover Tabbouli with two poached eggs and tobasco sauce.....
Beats a dust bath like these girls are taking!


  1. Hey Tanya, I hope the cure did the trick, never heard of that one before.....
    Glad your girls are laying, mine seem to be on strike, or enjoying the holidays.....

  2. my stomach can't come to grips on that remedy Tanya !
    Hope yours had better luck :)
    Our girls have been on strike too - five neww hens house mates have been added and I'm sure one is a bloke !

  3. I hope that helped your hangover.......I like raspberry cordial or juice, works everytime for me :0)

  4. hsppy new year Tanya!! and by the way... I am VERY jealous of your Vespa I have wanted one since I was about 13 which is a veeeeery long time ago can't wait to see her polished up xx

  5. that should be happy of course!! oops


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