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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Magenta Obsession

We all love colour, but have you ever noticed that sometimes you seem to be drawn to a particular colour or spectrum?
I've done some colour research in the past about colour psychology and also the relationship between the eye and mind.

Another aspect of colour is it's use as a healing therapy based on the premise that all visible light is made up of seven basic wavelengths and each colour has it's own vibrational wavelength. For a very simple explanation click here.
Using colour in healing is not a new-fangled concept and has been in use since ancient times.
Have you ever stood at your wardrobe and tried on different things feeling dissatisfied thinking, I just don't feel green today, I need purple.

Lately I have been drawn to magenta. I want magenta to wear everyday as my signature colour. I want to walk into a room and see it in cushions or bed sheets. I'm being drawn to flowers that are in the magenta spectrum.
So I thought I would look it up and find out what the colour stands for and what is it's role in healing.
If you are being drawn inexplicably to a particular colour try going here or here. What is your colour obsession?


  1. that magenta surely invigorates Tanya !
    have to go and do some colour therapy, wonder if it must be like those food attractants that to do with blood groups ?

  2. Interesting! I've always been drawn to blues, especially turquoise which apparently can mean "alternative ways of living" which is appropriate!

  3. My obsession at the moment is purple...everything I seem to buy is purple:0)

  4. If it isnt naturally dyed all I see are the toxic chemicals used to create the colour.


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