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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Handmade Doll Raffle


Jenny from Jenny Wren dolls has jumped straight into action and handmade this beautiful doll especially for the QLD flood appeal.

Jenny writes:

I am sure most of you around the world are aware of the terrible floods in Queensland.

Loss of life and property.

Communities disrupted, people's resources stretched to the limit.

The craft and blogging community is once again doing what it can to help.

And what do so many Australians do when their community needs to raise money?

Well they have a cake stall, a lamington drive, a raffle for a pretty doll or for a meat tray or a slab of beer.

Even people outside of Australia have the opportunity to enter this draw.
With each donation of $5 is the chance to win this totally handmade beauty.
Don't be fooled by her looks though...she's made for playing!
Please follow this link here to Jenny's and read more about how you could be lucky enough to win.
Good luck everyone, and when you tuck your babies into bed tonight please say a prayer for the families of the children who lost their lives in the floods this week.

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  1. Thanks for link Tanya. I've posted it on my FaceBook page as friends have been waiting for the blogger links for fundraising that I mentioned were coming...


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