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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Introducing Some Style

I was tagged by Lee at Killiecrankie Farm to participate in the the Stylish Blog Award which is wonderful timing as I have just spent a bit of time updating my side bar with a few more of my favourite blogs.
I was just telling Paige from Hodgepodge ( you might as well go ahead and make her number one on the list) that I haven't bought a magazine for years, not counting Australasian Poultry. Reading blogs is like flicking through a magazine with beautiful pictures, interesting articles, recipes, craft patterns but I get to be the editor. How cool is that!
I choose my reading content and contributors. There is no paper or printing involved or shipping. Another plus is very few advertisements (no wonder there are so many marketing sites trying to get onto our blogs).
A requirement of this award is that I tell you seven things about myself but I think my blog pretty much lays it all out there so I will tell you seven words that are inspiring my style at the moment;

sea glass
summer memories

The next part is to share with you 15 blogs of stylish inspiration. In the interest of laziness I would direct your attention to the side bar under the heading of "My Bloglist" where you will find quick links and better yet others besides....
So we have established 1.Paige at Hodgepodge - who says she is having a bit of a blog mojo hiatus but that's OK because she has lots of scrumptious pictures from her shop but what I really love about her is that she participates in Tablescaping Thursdays...very special to a china and cutlery obsessed person like myself.
2. Stationview - cottage spots some great potential in thrifted furniture
3. The Bobwhites because Kat's style is hilarious and it confounds me that she only has a dozen followers. She makes soap, keeps bees and cooks French and keeps me in awe. Love having you in my life Kat!
4. Hill and Vale, a relatively new find but I could just sit and look at her masthead for hours! Every time I pop over I am captivated. You'll see what I mean.
5. Folk City, a very stylish thrifty lady
6. Daily Decadent, also a newish addition to my reading list with gorgeous pictures of her "village life"
7. Just Call Me Ruby, loads of knitting style and talent. She is about to release her new pattern book.
8. Ut si, everything about Collette is style but she has a deep ethical commitment to the environment and to animals, especially the ones we eat. She is a champion.
9. Virtu, you have just GOT to see Sally's clothes that she makes for her children, lots of wonderful inspiration.
10. The Cottage Nest, so sweet and charming
11. Funkbunny's Garden, with encouragement and gardening advice for the suburbanites
12. Nerines, hasn't posted for a few weeks but take a look at her wonderful free-machine stitched artworks. Simply amazing.
13. Free Flowing Ways provides me with gentle wisdom and a connection between Christianity and Paganism.
14. Sweet Birdy Love is a woman after my own heart with her love of flowers
15. Under A Blue Moon, also a new discovery for me but one I'm enjoying very much
Oh and I could go on but seriously, you'll find them all and more on the right hand side and they wouldn't be there if I didn't love them one and all for their own special uniqueness, after all, I am the editor of my "magazine" and these are the people of my pages, my contributors. Better than a magazine though, these people become my friends too.

So the basics are that if you have been tagged; link back to your tagger, tell 7 things about you, nominate 15 blogs of style and tell them about it. Completely up to you but I do enjoy the opportunity to share beautiful blogs.


  1. Okay, now that I've picked myself up off the (cold hard) floor from laughing so hard at being tagged as a "stylish" blog, I send my thanks.
    If only you could actually see what's happening at my house right now...we're replacing perfectly functional hollow-core doors with creaky old wood doors from an old rooming house. "stylish?" Not hardly! Do I love 'em to bits? Oh yeaaaaahh.....
    Is your part of Tasmania getting too much rain or having any flooding problems? I've been a bit concerned. Hope you (and your chickies and the bees I like to pretend you have) all stay high and dry!

  2. Similar surprise here (and delight!) at being on your list. Thankyou.

    It is inspirational to read so many of these blogs from all over the world - a little window into the lives of creative people. And your list just gave me a few more to check out.

    The garden, after all the rain, is taking on jungle-like characteristics. How is yours?

  3. Hi Tanya Congrats on your award and thanks for the heads-up on Hill & Vale. You're right - that header photo is stunning! J x

  4. why thankyou for popping me on your list (much to my suprise as well!)and thanks so much for taking the time to share these blogs with us all!

  5. Im in blog love with that header!
    im off to check out your etsy store for one of those teatowels?? are they?

    P.s. thank you for your kind bid

  6. Hey Tanya, quite agree with you about the blogs being akin to lovely magazine. I was thinking about it this week actually.
    Being a bit of an Anglophile my monthly magazine purchase is down to one , English Country Living and if I could crawl through those pages and be there........ Throw a Poultry mag in too!

    Thankyou for the nomination of the Stylish blog award.

    Buttons Ribbons and Other Things also nominated me, I just hadn't gotten around to posting about it yet....

    Have had a lovely browse at all the other nominees blogs.

    Hope you aren't affected by the rain in Tassie. warm and sunny here today, clouds have disappeared at long last.

    Claire :)


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