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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday In Just One Day

I have to go back to work tomorrow so for my last day of holidays my man packed a thermos and planned a day of adventuring for a memorable holiday.
Hold the wasn't his idea in the first place. I tell him I need a "date" and he fishes for what do you means. I volunteer some basic information about "yes, a picnic would be nice, yes I prefer a bush trip rather than a beach trip" The rest he has to organise himself.
I'm working on a couple of principles here.
1.When you stop courting the relationship stops caring. Taking a woman on a "date" is a one-on-one experience which the woman interprets as "I am appreciated and cared for".
2. Re-defining the Roles: he is my man, my protector, my provider, my rock. He is capable of leading and I am trusting and follow (we're talking metaphorically here). It is a mixture of complacency and wanting to please that has him rather I plan the trip myself.

We travelled East over the "Sideling" and into Scottsdale to pick up some fresh bread rolls and meats, olives and cheese and headed for Ralph Falls, along the way passing through prime dairy country and paddocks of poppy crops, oats, barley, potatoes and onions.
It's a classic Summer day with a very comfortable temperature of 21. Most of the pasture have been mown and baled as silage or hay
The final ascent to Ralph Falls is via 17km of winding rocky dirt road giving stunning valley vistas of patchwork rural landscapes. The bush is riotous with flowers, nearly every tree and shrub is bursting in glorious show. Along the roadside are wild foxgloves adding their tall magenta spires of flowers.
At the top are two other couples in the area, the height of the season and the place is practically deserted.
I love this about Tasmania. One can glory in wilderness without the masses.
So I'm following this man with a picnic basket of food and a couple of cushions, on a halcyon day, through hushed rainforest for our own private retreat in the wilderness.
He scores big time. He and I have re-affirmed age old unspoken biological positions.
He feels satisfied and capable as the hunter and provider, my leader.
I feel loved and cherished, safe and valued. I will continue to follow this man on my life path.
(Don't forget you can click on the images to make them larger)

Ralph Falls

Craig didn't quite make it to this exact point. You might remember from the post about the shot tower that he really doesn't like heights all that much. This view is quite dizzying and looking to the left are spectacular valley views and cataracts of tree ferns.
We walked a little farther along a track, meeting no-one, and had a serene and simple picnic right there on the springy vegetation covering the ground. Not a soul, not a sound....
except for some flies but I spun a tea towel lazily overhead and that kept them at a distance.
After lunch we travelled on...


  1. What a great day you both had and yes it is good to go on a 'date' every now and then.

  2. Oh what a wonderful thing to do Tanya, sounds like you had a lovely, relaxing time . Still quite green over there and the Foxgloves, mmmm...
    I have been thinking about this very subject this week as hubby and I are both on leave.
    We went to the movies last week and then had a pizza. Nothing romantic, but considering it's at least 12 months since we saw a movie together, it was great to do something out of the norm.....
    Love your mugs, a cuppa always tastes better out of a nice mug, specially one with a sweet picture on it.

  3. Thats sweet Tanya - romance, picnics, heady days of summer :)
    the rose's tier road is a swaith of foxgloves and ferns too :)
    And i'm with you and claire - must travel with ceramic mugs for your tea - plastic just doesn't cut it.


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