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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Holiday Day Continues

We continued our drive still heading east marvelling at the beauty and health of the dairy cattle herds. I constantly exclaimed with delight over every herd of calves we saw.
We finally found our "river somewhere" and simply parked by the side of the road and slid down the embankment and explored a little. We tracked the different prints in the sand of birds, wallabies, dogs and humans, even very little people prints.
We revelled in the absence of traffic or machinery noises and drank in the serenity of fast flowing water sounds. We noted the colours of reflected skies and depths of pools.

After climbing the bank it was time for another coffee from the much travelled and dented stainless steel thermos flask. I pulled out my cushion again and we settled into companionable silence with our respective magazines; Craig had "Recreational Aviation Australia" and I had "Australasian Poultry". We were there for about an hour all up and saw one log truck and two cars!
The day is most definitely drawing to an end and we must head back west towards home again, through the old mining towns of Derby and Branxholm, once prosperous and bustling, now sleepy.

Once hop fields stretched for miles and were a common site between here and Scottsdale, but the only crops we found were at Branxholm. Some crop sites had been let go into full disrepair while others still stood like silent sentinels with eerie frayed heads, baling twine from years upon years of crops, left to flutter like ghost stories whispered, waiting. 

We've recharged our batteries, re-connected with each other and solved many of the problems of the world.
We've allowed ourselves to dream of some acreage one day. 
We've had a wonderful holiday in one day and worked out that the petrol, lunch and even dinner of chips and a Coke at the Ledgerwood Memorial Park has cost us a grand total of about $40.
Real value - immeasurable. 


  1. Love your choice of reading material Tanya.......
    Beautiful countryside, sounds lovely down by the river.
    Chips in the Memorial Park, got to do it in Summer, lying on the grass or a rug.
    Life's simple pleasures, are often the best.

    Claire X

  2. Oh how I need one of these little holidays--they're right up my alley.
    These long dark hard days of winter pummel me, sometimes. The days ARE lengthening, though,and we might even get up to freezing today.
    It's my turn to live summer vicariously through you, just as you did through me. Thank goodness for friends all over the world.

  3. It is fun just to reconnect with each other and enjoy the day.

  4. tanya,
    i am am reveling in your writing style! i love what you had to say and the way you've said it! i love hops fields--so sad to see those standing bare.
    thanks for sharing your experience.
    i'm thinking darren and i need some recharging.
    wonderful, wonderful post!


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