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Friday, January 7, 2011

Hot Colour for Summer

In winter with short days of dawn from 7.30am to dusk at 4.30pm I like to see white blooms about the yard as they seem to glow in the dim light and provide points of reference for paths in the dark.
This summer I have gone for some pretty bright and hot colours.
Berry reds, strong magenta, fiery yellows and orange alongside hot hot pink.
Flowers are good for my soul and they encourage bees in our chemical free garden for the very important job of pollinating the vegetables.
I am sourcing different bright Hollyhock seeds from friends and this one is a favourite. I intend to have a garden full of Hollyhocks and Sunflowers when the grandchildren finally come. No childs' adventure garden would be complete without them and where would the fairies hide?
(I am happy to share seed with anyone too by the way)
Nastursiums in bright jewel colours and sunny yellow and orange Calendula are so beautiful added to salads too. Can you imagine when these Sunflowers are flowering too?
A couple of bright red poppies came up through the peas and were allowed to stay in riotous confusion. I love to watch the big heavy bumble bees as they try to gather the pollen from these saucers of paper-like flowers.
Even the Pak Choi and Tat Soi going to seed add their lovely delicate yellow flowers to the scene.


  1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Add nicotiana and peonies to the list and you have the exact backbone of my yearly flower list.
    These pictures are doing so much good for my soul!

  2. Oh Tanya your garden looks and sounds lovely......
    I looooove Hollyhocks and Sunflowers a definite must if you want fairies in your garden.
    Have you ever grown Zinnias, a very old fashioned flower, but one that gives beautiful strong, vibrant colours. I love them. My mum grew them when i was little and I remember taking bunches to school wrapped up in newspaper for my teacher.
    Interesting idea, white blooms in Winter, add an extra bit of light to the evening......
    We had fish and chips by the river in Bright last night, delish....

  3. A flower garden just makes you feel so good when it is out in bloom. I do love hollyhocks and that is such a pretty colour. I agree that fairies have to hide somewhere and I will need a fairy garden soon :0)

  4. Everything looks lovely. Can't wait to see color, flowers and spring again. Too much cold weather here.


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