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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crafting Card Night

Last night Five ladies gathered around my table to make Valentines cards
They are being distributed to the elderly of New York who receive meals on wheels.
A random anonymous sentiment of love and caring for someone else.
It was organised through the Etsy "Share Your Love" meetup but it's open to anyone.

Share some Love.


  1. love the poodle card Tanya !
    looks like a lovely gathering, sounds like you had a wonderful time together.
    good on you for joining in on an etsy party.

  2. What a lovely sweet idea. These beautiful cards will make some people feel very special on Valentines Day. Well done you x x

  3. wow what a great idea these are fabulous. Thanks so much too Tanya for your sweet words on my post yesterday xx

  4. What a lovely idea and what better way to enjoy doing it than with a group of friends. A gentle reminder to me that I need to catch up with some of my wonderful card making friends -its been way too long.

  5. Hi there.
    I just called over to say hello and that I really enjoyed your comment on Maxabellas' blog RE boys and the way they show affection.
    Very thoughtful and well written!


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