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Monday, January 31, 2011

Icing Cup Cakes

I made these for Emma's birthday.
They charge a fortune for these in specialty shops but really they are simple.
Simple butter cake cup cakes (these are baked in Robert Gordon pink spotted patty cases)
The icing is a really basic butter icing (mix different colours up from the one batch in separate bowls and seriously, only add the colour one drop at a time)
But do you want to know what the real secret is......
a couple of tabs of liquid glucose to make it lovely and flexible.
I'll tell you another secret....
the 2-tier cake plate is a 30cm plate on the bottom (this one is Foglia by Villeroy & Boch) with an old pink glass champagne saucer glass turned upside down and then a 20cm entree plate for the top ( I used a vintage pink Johnson Bros of Australia plate). If you are worried about stability, a little bit of icing will secure them.


  1. Thank you for those great ideas!

  2. I didn't know about the liquid glucose. Thanks.

  3. They look delightful!
    Thanks for the tip about the glucose.
    I like to colour my butter icing with a little blackberry or blueberry juice.

  4. Grrr. Blogger comments are stuffing me round! If this gets through - thanks for the tips is all I was wanting to say.

  5. oh wow Tanya these are absolutely gorgeous!!!! yum yum yum


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