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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vintage Fabric Sell Off

I have to face facts. 
I am NOT going to get around to all my projects in this lifetime.
I am going to reduce my fabric stash for starters.

Today I have uploaded some 1950s and 1960s fabric to the shop. Click on the shop tag at the top of the page under the banner heading and it will take you there.
The bark cloth type fabric at the top with the red lanterns is priced per metre but the others are all for the piece. 

Gorgeous Jackie Kennedy style suiting.
See here for inspiration

Soft wool to match

You just don't see this quality anymore. This woven linen/cotton has the most divine fall and drape. You know the sort? It just wants to fall and ripple off the table at every chance.
I know there are a lot of sewing girls out there who would really do these fabrics justice. 

Available for a limited time only in the shop for a week.


  1. Just had a peek in my sewing room and shut the door very quickly!!
    That's next weeks job......

    All the best with the destash Tanya,

    Claire x

  2. Loving the Christmas print..have just ordered a metre!

  3. Beautiful fabrics Tanya. I agree with you about how the quality is often not there with modern fabrics.


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