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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Utensil Drawer Challenge

The bane of my mother's life....
my utensil drawer.
I know I'm not alone and probably 95% of the population has one of these. Only last week Down to Earth blog writer, Rhonda, was feeling the spring cleaning urge and tackled the utensil drawer.
I spring cleaned the pantry this week and the utensil draw was also on the hit list.

So here are my "must haves-tools-of-the-trade" laid out.
How did all those crumbs get in the bottom!
And the plethora of rubber bands! Could never find one in there when I needed one but they were hiding at the bottom all right.
I purchased a plastic divider thingy from the op shop for $1.50 with the thought that it would seperate and contain some of the smaller items.

By placing it in the middle it created a natural divider within the drawer also.
I think to expect all that stuff to go back in and remain tidy is a bit ambitious.
Quite frankly two drawers are required, so I have removed some placemats and napkins to the linen cupboard and relocated the teatowels and dish cloths and given over another drawer.

Previously I had also purchased a couple of white coated wire storage racks from the op shop so I placed these inside the drawer on either side to "create" three divisions in a fashion. Hopefully this will keep things more accessible and orderly. I have grouped like colours and like materials together so that they will remain in a group and be easily found. The whole outfitting cost about $3. Bargain.
What about you? Are you up for a utensil drawer challenge?

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  1. Utensils don't belong in drawers, silly! They belong in tin cans and cream crocks right on the counter where they're most often used.


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