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Friday, October 19, 2012

Visual Metaphor For Life

As some of you know Craig is a shearer.
He sent me this photo the other morning.
It is the view from the toilet door where he was working....
Crisp clear day.....
Clear blue skies....
Contented cows grazing very nearby.....

then he sent me another photo.....
the inside of the shed....

This is the bin where all the dags are placed.
A dag is the pooey wool from sheep's behinds!
A lot of people understand that shearing is extremely hard physical work but I bet you haven't stopped to think about how much shit they deal with!

Anyway, I thought it was a good visual metaphor for life. We wish all our skies were blue and our days full of contentment but well, we also have shit to deal with, and that's life.
The good with the bad.
My Prayer for you....
May your horizon be serene and calm and your dag bin small.

Thank you all for your well wishes too and the very kind comments last post.


  1. Lol! Definitely a metaphor of life!Great post Tanya xxo

  2. Love the first pic.......laugh at the second pic....
    Same day, different bucket and the depth varies, we all have to deal with it at times....
    Good thought Tanya......
    Have a great weekend,I've got two markets on, so sewing madly. Fabric and threads all over the table, but
    having fun.

    CLaire x

  3. oh yeah, just what I needed this morning!! Thanks for the reminder that shit happens...... and it happens to us all!!

  4. Haha that was funny Tanya! Hope you are feeling much better!

  5. I know what you mean. For me it's nappies at the moment!

  6. Thank you for thinking of me Tanya...ha ha ha ha..Love the connection to life....


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