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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Living Better in October

We talked about 
Christmas gifts
Making decorated candles

Making home made paper hanging ornaments
which led to memories about 
saving foil milk bottle lids for decorating
and stories of painting pop corn for stringing.

We talked about making simple salves from Calendula in the garden
herbal tea bags for bath soaks
We talked about 
simple Christmas traditions, each family member taking a turn to stir the pudding for luck and the hidden objects in a plum pud.
We talked about the overwhelming amount of "stuff"
Georgia's family give the children coupons for fun things to do together. It's about spending time with children rather than buying more "stuff". They have coupons for going to the movies or an afternoon at the swimming pool or a trip to the beach.

We talked about broad beans;
The difference between planting in autumn or in spring,
their tendency to get rust, a fungal disease, as the weather warms up, 
About not composting affected plants.
About not trying to squeeze that last 6 pods from the crop and knowing when it is time to harvest and call it quits, ready for the next crop.

We talked about artisan pasta making and Brad is going to share his recipe for beetroot pasta and roasted capsicum pasta.

Gemma shared her recipe for Beet Leaf Ravioli. 
A great way to use the leaves from beetroot, both thrifty and nutritious, not to mention delicious.

Filling for Ravioli:

500g Beet Leaves (stalks Removed)
Maldon Sea Salt
1 small red onion
100g unsalted butter
4 tblsp marjoram leaves
1 garlic clove (finely chopped)
150g Ricotta (lightly broken up with fork)
100g Parmesan
1/2 nutmeg (freshly grated) or just use nutmeg spice!

Gently fry onion in butter until onion begins to brown. Add marjoram and garlic and stir for 1 minute then add beet leaves. Cook together briefly, season then allow to cool. Stir in Parmesan and ricotta. Add nutmeg and season to taste.

Make fresh pasta to your favourite recipe (or buy fresh lasagna sheets) Cut pasta into squares. Add small amount of filling to each square. Top with another square and pinch around edges to seal (ensuring you have removed as much air as possible - to stop them exploding in the water!).

Add to boiling water. Allow them to float to the surface but ensure they have had enough cooking time so that filling will be heated through.

We talked about poultry;
laying hens,
different breeds,
free range turkeys,
quail and their housing,
chicken raising

We talked about growing up in small communities
outback towns, the syncronisity of life and the bravery of those a little different who swim against the current of life's stream.

We talked about Mount Gnomon products and Langdale Farm pork (also at the Killiecrankie open day)
we talked about Eliza's great video and that ham ordering had begun.

We talked and talked and reminisced and talked some more.
I probably have forgotten to mention lots more.
The most important thing is that everyone shares and brings knowledge of some sort with them and we all leave a bit richer for the experience.
Thank you everyone for a lovely time


  1. Another great get together Tanya, lots of wonderful discussions.
    Love that beautiful, bright pasta and photos of your gorgeous girls and those sweet little chicks.
    Like the idea of coupons as gifts instead of more 'stuff'.......
    A great post.

    CLaire x

  2. Bra bunting and moving to out-of-the-way-places was discussed too if I remember rightly. What s great night! Thanks so much for being such a fun, generoys and very welcoming group. I am really looking forward to coming again.

  3. All interesting things to talk about there! I would love the recipe for that coloured pasta - it looks amazing!


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