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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


What do you think of this design item made from recycled materials?
It is made from timber slats, has feet and a handle and uses brass rivets.

It is a cross between a tray and a trug....
it is called,
(by Cliff Anderson)

What do you think?
Could you use one?
How much would you pay?
Don't forget locals that the Living Better Group meets tomorrow night at the Cock and Bull (upstairs) from 7-9pm.


  1. I don't know how I would use it, but it sure is cute!

    What are the dimensions of the trayg?

  2. I love the way Cliff has 'woven' the wood.
    I would use it for putting flowers on as I pick them. I think it would be perfect for that - you could just lay them across and they wouldn't get squashed (and you'd still have two hands)
    As to how much, I have no idea - I'm a bit of a bargain hunter and I know there would've been alot of work and craftmanship involved...sorry, not much help Tanya.

  3. It is beautiful Tanya! Very modern yet traditional and I love the reclaimed twist. I would def use one around our home and garden for carting craft materials, displaying and harvesting produce and it would also be a nice way to present shared meals or gifts to friends. Not sure about price. The dilemma with handmade is of course Calculatingthe price it costs to produce vs the price people are willing to pay and finding a comfortable medium. I would say $80 as an artisan product but around $50 or slightly under would be more saleable maybe! Sorry for the long reply!


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