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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thermomix Update

So you may have noticed I have been quiet of late.
I have been very, very, ill with a virus that turned into pneumonia. I am very much recovered now and in awe of modern medicine. Sadly while I was ill a friend's husband passed away and a little girl lost her Daddy. Puts it in perspective hey!

Though still in the honeymoon period of Thermomix ownership I did want to tell you how this machine really came into it's own while I was sick. The smile says it all but I will elaborate. Craig has been working some really big hard days shearing rams and big fat whethers, coming home absolutely exhausted and needing serious sustenance. I was unable to walk from the kitchen to the lounge room without becoming very breathless and weak. Many meals I have made over the past fortnight that I was able to do minimal prep work and walk away and let it do it's thing, providing Craig with a good hearty meal. 
Of note especially was the Aussie Meat Pie recipe. It is THE best and most successful pie I have made. The filling was the exact consistency and the flavour was great. I also made risotto and other curries and casseroles. The really helpful feature is that I don't need to stand over a stove stirring. It removes a lot of the hands on cooking. While I was so ill it was a God-send. 
So far, absolutely no regrets and very much in love with my Thermomix.
I have a friend who is a chef and uses the Thermomix in his kitchen. He says it replaces an apprentice for him.
So a very much recovered me wants to remind you that it is seed freedom fortnight and I hope you have found a friend to swap some seeds with and made some envelopes up for next year. If you are buying your seeds for this spring/summer, please consider heirloom seed companies and save the viable seed.  


  1. Glad you are better and hope you are fully recovered and back up to speed soon. M x

  2. Gosh you've been sick for ages Tanya. Nice to see your gorgeous smiley face in that pic (you've got the loveliest eyes btw) I am so glad and relieved you are feeling better. I'm glad the Thermomix made your life a little easier while you were unwell. Still to convince Anthony on our need for one!
    Take care Tanya, don't rush out there and take on the world too soon x

  3. So pleased to hear your feeling better. There's been some nasty bugs floating around this winter.
    A dear friend of mine has a Thermomix and loves it to bits. She has her own small buisness, working long hours and finds it a great help at the end of the day getting dinner ready.
    Take care

  4. Glad that you are better Tanya. I suspect that your doctor prescribed a dose of Thermomix a day in order to ensure a full recovery!

  5. I'm glad you've recovered now Tanya.
    You wouldn't know you've been ill from that photo - you look so young and vibrant!

  6. Hey Tanya, I was thinking you had been a little quiet of late, now I know why.
    Good to see you smiling face again and that you are well........
    Stayed with friends on the weekend who have recently purchased a Thermomix, so I could get up close and personal with it. Thought of you and your post about it.........
    Tried the CADA for breakfast and it was delicious. Chopped coconut, apple, dates and almonds.....absolutely delish with a little soy milk or on top of cereal.
    Great machines, glad it made life a little easier while you were ill.....

    Claire x

  7. Sorry to hear you've been so unwell.
    My goodness what an amazing looking gadget....! I will have to check it out (I love kitchen gadgets but don't have any room for more until we build our house!!)
    All the best Bridget

  8. Glad you're recovering. Sounds like a real doozey of a bug you had. I really want to try a Thermomix out one day.

  9. Good to see you smiling after all that Tanya.
    My friend has this machine and feels just as you do!
    A real God send when she is ill
    Take care

  10. Hi glad you're well again! I had this flu thing a month or so ago, I could quite easily see how it could turn into pneumonia..I was fortunate mine didn't but quite a few have had it this year...a nasty bug.

  11. Oh gosh Tanya, I didn't realise your 'cough' turned into pneumonia! I hope you're back to 100% soon. We're all still hacking away here but just getting on with it, to a degree.... Maybe I should invest in a Thermomix too!

  12. So sorry to hear how ill you've been Tanya! Good to hear that you're feeling a lot better. Had lunch with a friend yesterday who is also recovering from pneumonia...after an hour she had had it for the day. You've certainly piqued my interest in the Thermomix too!

  13. Oh Tanya - that is NOT GOOD that you have been so unwell. Good you are better - your smile is contagious : o )

    Today I have told the consultant I want to buy one - been saving for a while. YAY!!!

    ALso Betty is BROODY. I have been gently poking her out of the nest box and blocking the door so she stays outside and eats and drinks. Am I doing the right thing? If I left her to her devises she does not seem to leave the nest. She is also pecking so I have to use a long item to encourage her to move or it is a big OUCH! She walks around outside most unimpressed blucking away and making it clear she is not impressed...


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