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Monday, October 8, 2012

Day Rituals

I find it helpful to keep a some days especially for ritual jobs.
Monday is popular being the start of the week and still fresh in my mind!
A weekly ritual from now until Christmas is to "feed the cake" so on a Monday I unwrap it and trickle some scotch over the top and wrap it back up.

The other standard Monday ritual is my once a week high dose Vitamin D capsule.

Daily medication is much easier to remember but I'm glad I can just take one high dose capsule once a week. So Mondays it is!

Do you have Day Rituals?
Like a once a week clean of your wooden boards with salt and lemon juice...

Another day I set aside is Sunday for dog brushing otherwise the motivation to do this job is low. It is one job that I can't be slack about. 

In the old days, there used to be a day set aside for washing and a day for ironing.
There was a day for bathing and a day for praying.
A day for beating rugs and a day for shopping.
Do you still hold some days special?


  1. Monday is my ironing day, with a bit of blogging inbetween, of course!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Yes and the sweet little handkerchiefs embroidered with the chore for the day, I remember them aswell.
    No set days for activities here with shift work.
    Your two sweet dogs sitting so obediently waiting for their groom.

  3. funny i still am drawn to Monday washing day... usually thursday is shopping day(i will right when i am a pensioner)..friday night is always our date night and sunday is always church for us...what about the good old sunday roast at Nanna' she is gone we dont seem to have that tradition or routine...thanks for the memories XXXX

  4. Sunday , for some reason , remains sheet-changing day , even though I've now retired .
    But I have a feeling that soon every day will become Leisurely Coffee and Crossword day !

  5. Since I retired, my routines have changed, but I still do laundry on Friday and go to church on Sunday.

  6. I wish I could discipline myself for the ironing day!!
    I love baking on Sunday.

  7. I was hopeless at keeping houseplants until I won an African Violet in a raffle and it had a little note on it saying water once a week. It was Monday when I got it so Monday is always houseplant watering day - well I've only got Peace Lilies now but they seem to like it too.


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