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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Microplane- A 2nd Drawer Must Have

When the Better Living Group came over last month to cook Christmas Cakes and Puddings I was surprised to discover that none of them had ever seen or heard of a Microplane before.
I'm not one for useless gadgets but this is one tool that really makes life easier in the kitchen for a couple of little jobs. I love it so much that it is also a common gift I buy especially for a man who likes to cook (because they can be hard to buy for).
Basically this is a fine grater on a handle but it's in the design.
It may not surprise you to know that it was invented by a man and closely along the lines of a wood working tool, hence it is so keen and ergonomic. If it's not easy to use then it is a waste of money.
It's primary role in my kitchen is citrus zesting, nutmeg grating and parmesan shavings but it does do more.

I have included this clip from You Tube that shows how easy it is to use and wash up and store away. Much better than I could explain. Once you have one of these you will not go back to ground nutmeg again. There is nothing like grating your own fresh from the nut.
This is not a paid review, simply information as I was surprised so many hadn't heard of these before. There are a couple of similar products but I find the Microplane is the best and retails for about $30. This may be something you are looking for on your Christmas list.

It was a hoot watching everyone discover zesting with the Microplane and though it is extremely sharp, no-one cut themselves because it is so easy to use unlike some other graters. You should be able to find them in any good homewares stores but probably not in budget chain stores.


  1. Ok you've convinced me. I've been thinking about buying one for ages. I agree nothing beats the smell of freshly grated nutmeg....hmmm I'm thinking rice pudding...yum!

  2. Nope, never come across one, but I think it's going on my Christmas list. I hate zesting lemons on my grater and I don't bother with fresh nutmeg because of the I think this will be a really useful implement. I wonder if you can get them in NZ?

  3. I have two Microplanes for cheese, fine grate for hard cheese like Parmesan and a large grate for cheddar. I LOVE them. I don't have a zester it's on my want list. I have to travel to find them for they aren't readily available here either.

  4. You have just given me an idea for my Dad for Christmas! Thank you!

  5. What a timely post! Tomorrow I was planning to buy one of those 'barrel type' graters (where you turn the handle) for the parmesan...but after reading your post and watching the video, I've changed my mind. I'll be checking out what Microplanes are available...I guess I'll start with 'Robins'.

  6. We've got one and agree they're fab BUT I do still manage to regularly grate my fingers when grating down the last of the piece of parmesan! They are sooo sharp.

  7. Might have to add one of these to my Christmas list. I have seen them used before but they look so easy to use.

  8. I use mine all the time, it's wonderful, it is especially good for lemon zest as you say. I also have a bigger one designed for chocolate/cheese etc
    But for cheese I prefer to use a horizontal grater as there is less chance of grating my knuckles!

  9. do you remember our Christmas cake cooking girls all wanted to get one??? we were going to see if a bulk buy through Habitat or House would score us a discount..wonder if they still all want to try Tania????? i definitely want one ...and soon!!!


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