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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Clove Oil and Toothache

I'm sharing a rainy day picture with you because;

a) it's raining
b) the inside of someone's mouth is not the most elegant or attractive sharing experience

Craig complained of a toothache last week and asked me to make an appointment for him but you guessed it, a weeks wait.
I had a look and it seems he has a piece broken off one of his back molars.
By the time Craig says something, you know he is in agony as he has a very high threshold for pain.
He has taken some paracetamol but applying some clove oil with a cotton bud has been very helpful. It has anaesthetised the area and probably helped in an anti-bacterial way too.

I wouldn't advise using this remedy instead of going to a dentist because pain is the body's way of saying there is something wrong and it could be any number of things but as a remedy to help you get through the wait period till an appointment it's a big help.

I'm a big fan of clove oil for cleaning mould and killing spores and deterring spiders and insects. You can also add toothache remedy to the list too.  

We are getting some lovely rain today, just right for the seedlings and much needed.
Big smiles all round.


  1. So glad you're getting some rain, if there's any spare Tanya, could you send it this way please........
    Have heard of the clove oil treatment for a toothache, but never tried it.But didn't know it had other uses. Coming into Summer, the Daddy long legs seem to multiply like rabbits, so it might come in very handy...

    Claire :}

  2. i've heard of clove oil. toothache is the worst pain ever. I use ibrufen and paracetamol on alternate 2 hr intervals if its really bad! oh and whiskey on the tooth can help!!

  3. Hi Tanya, thanks for the information on clove oil in the link. My house could do with some de-moulding. Glad the tooth feels better with your home remedy, hope all goes well at the dentist!

  4. Craig i KNOW just what you are going to Hobart to look after the grandkids, my tooth was a bit niggly all that week, but i ended up having a very aching tooth which had an abscess under it as had to be EXTRACTED last saturday morning after a weekend of sheer agony..YES i totally agree about the clove oil..kept me sane for the wait along with Ibuprofen which has an anti inflammatory as well... Hope you are feeling better now Craig ...i have to go back as well for more work.

  5. I think it is wise to be sparing with the clove oil as it is can be toxic if not used correctly. By the way Tanya, your gorgeous Christmas fabric arrived on Friday..thank you..and I'm blogging about it today.


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