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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sparkly Crochet for Christmas

Take some glass balls....

Perhaps some pearly beads...

Some vintage silver and gold thread from the 60's/70's

Getting some crochet on!

Coats Patons Aurora in gold and silver with 2.00mm crochet hook.


  1. Very cute Tanya.... and I can imagine not too hard and very quick... they will look gorgeous on your tree!

  2. Very pretty Tanya, was it a little tricky crocheting around the glass balls?
    I saw some vintage style tree ornaments in Sussan last week.....owls.....I was very tempted, but resisted.
    Might have to see if they are still there, next trip to town!!

    Claire x

  3. These are so beautifully sparkley! Love them!


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