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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Ta-may-toe" "Too-mar-toe"

This is how I garden....
The rhododendrons are waning. The white (Fragrantissimum) is very special to me with it's rich heady fragrance that wraps around my head as I enter the fowl yard early morning and at late evening.
This is where I will wind my fairy garden for the grandchildren.

Sweet pea has come up through the rocket and now both are flowering profusely together

The ornamental kale was a big hit with the snails, I only have three left.

At the back door geranium hugs the warm bricks and jumbles together is pyrethrum, sage, common time, and potato.

Clematis are my favourites and a running joke in our household. 
Before I discovered a spot for them surrounded by wire, Craig used to whipper-snip them to the ground, every year, just as they were emerging again from the previous years caning. One of them I couldn't remember what the flower looked like because I hadn't seen it in five years! It finally got a chance to safely bloom this year.

The old post box is waiting for letters to the fairies of the garden, either side is a riot of raspberry or potatoes (blue sapphire) with chives bordering the front. A horses skull crouches behind like a tiger....

This is how I garden....
haphazard, eclectic and with a nod to the past and the future, to the animals and the fairies.

This is how Craig gardens....


Lettuce seedlings
neat blocks and rows.

A block of NZ yams and successive carrot sowing

Successive carrot and rows of beetroot
lots of stick markers
tidy edges

Rows of Cavolo Nero kale and spinach next to that...

Stakes, markers, sticks, string, uniformity and regularity and mounding.

He says "ta-may-toe" I say "too-mar-toe"
There is a lot of love and passion in our garden and though it may take different forms we do work better as a team. The garden would lack something if it were only either one of us, but with the two of us contributing together we have heart and soul.


  1. Lovely post Tanya! I loved the photos of both styles in the garden...yours reminds me so much of my mother's front garden and an elderly neighbour's garden when I was growing up...lovely memories :-)

  2. Both you and Craig have lush and productive gardens. Kudos!

  3. My dream is for a Tanya-type garden. In reality I have to fight my Craigedness - all the way. Though last year, in the veggie patch, I managed some really nice companion beds.

  4. Hey Tanya, I have a little of both styles in me. I love the jumbly mix of vegies and flowers, a bit of a surprise tucked away somewhere, but I also love seeing rows of vegies waiting to be harvested.....obviously there's room for both...
    My parents couldn't agree on best gardening practice, so they had their own vegie gardens!!
    So glad your Clematis is safely behind bars and how on earth do you get a letter box into your garden?
    Pretty warm up here in NE Vic this week, heading to 41deg. tomorrow, uggh!!
    Hope your week is going well and not too warm,

    Claire x

  5. Good morning! I've just discovered your blog thru Jo at 'all the blue day'. i'm having such a lovely time reading back thru your posts. it's wonderful to read another tassie blogger's adventures in gardening and food. i have supreme envy for your wonderful vegie garden - especially the cavolo nero, as my seeds (two plantings) did not even germinate :-( your garden is so inspiring.


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