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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Is Creeping In

It starts with the tree...

That is one of the poodles, Lucille, AKA Lucy.

Christmas is one of my follies and though not to everyone's style, I like to change every year by combining different colours and feels.
I have been collecting ornaments over many years now and mostly after Christmas when they are heavily reduced in price. Be prepared and also buy clear storage tubs that stack so you can store ornaments in colour groups. I keep my Christmas in an old wardrobe in the garage.
Inexpensive balls can be spray painted and glitterised to suit many theme changes. My favourite go-to in the automotive paint shop. I can give my exact colour requirement to them and they mix it and place it in a pressure pack. Voila, custom spray can.

I have carried through the colours from the last dresser and china change.

See here
Next, the mantle....


  1. How clever to have your paint mixed for your chosen color scheme.

  2. You are much more organized than me.....I like your blog and read it often, it gives a lovely sense of time and place.

  3. Gorgeous tree Tanya! And I love Lucille.... she was sitting perfectly for you :)

  4. That's a clever idea to get just the right colour paint, Tanya! Revisited your Spring display in your hutch and 'drooled' over those pretty pink cups again and of course your magnificent 'Memory Lane' teapot. When the Doulton shop at the DFO was clearing out that design, I bought a few pieces as it's the one that my former (and now late) MIL had. It's such a delicate design.

  5. Beautiful tree, but your Lucy steals the scene... :)) Our tree went up today, looking a little bit like Christmas now :))

  6. Lucy looks to like the Christmas tree being set up.

  7. We have a Lucy dog too! Although she's an Akita X. xoxo

  8. Love the picture of Lucy by the Christmas tree. You have beautiful dogs. We have a toy poodle that is the baby of our family.


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