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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chive Flower Vinegar - Christmas Gifts

Still working away on a few hamper gifts for special friends so I can give them something little to say thank you for a great year.

About a week ago I picked a few large double handfuls of chive flower heads and placed them in a huge jar and submerged them in white vinegar and after a week this is the gorgeous colour the infused vinegar turns.
After removing the heads I filled clean bottles by passing through a funnel with some coffee filter paper to remove absolutely every speck of sediment making bottles of charming pinkness. 

I printed out some labels I made up using a basic label template from the graphics fairy blog where she has thousands of free downloadable images. I'm not flash at all. I simply download the image, in this case it was a simple framed blank label. Working in a Word program I insert a text box and write whatever I want, fiddle with the font and after and copying and pasting a few times I printed it out on some very pale pink floral paper.

The bottles are a mixed bunch of recycled ones that I picked up at the op shop for 10 cents each. 
Here is another frugal tip;
See the ribbon ties around the left hand bottles holding the tags and fabric in place? They are those annoying clothes hanging ribbons that are sewn into the shoulders of garments to make life easy for retailers but get in the way when you get home. I always snip and save mine in a little ribbon box and they come in handy so often for tag ties...FREE.

So I might carry the theme through here and delve into my tea towel stash and fortunately I also have pink and aqua cotton for some dish cloths.
And I'm still working through my stash! Winner!

I like to use the waffle pattern for these and you'll find the tutorial here
I'll add some little jars of preserved lemon peel and maybe some of my most asked for cake mix dry packed into fowlers preserving jars for my preserving friends. 

It might be a bit late for you to try the chive head vinegar this year but you could certainly keep it in mind for a pretty and simple gift next year. Try here to see pictures of the process.

Not long to go now.
How is your hand made Christmas going?


  1. It looks good enough to drink! Let alone douse a salad in!
    So pretty Tanya, and how lovely it looks next to your gorgeous handmade dish cloths (they look good enough to wash your face with!)
    Gorgeous pressies, anyone would be thrilled to receive x

  2. that is a lovely color. how do you use your chive head vinegar? in salad dressings? thanks for the how-to.

  3. It is a beautiful colour!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. So pretty Tanya! I never would have guessed where the pink colour came from. That's a great idea to save those little bits of thin ribbon..however lately I've noticed they have been made of rubbery clear material on my newest clothes...I'm sure I could use them still though.

  5. wow- what gorgeous vinegar... makes me want to make some! what does it taste like?

  6. Hi Virginia, it tastes like a mild onion-y sort of flavour. They were a big hit for presents and super easy to do.


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