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Monday, December 24, 2012

Great Expectations

My last gift makings this week have been aprons and peg bags but now it is time to get packed up and put all jobs away. Like every year before I have been muttering to myself about better time management next winter. 
I like to clear the decks to enjoy Christmas and reflect on endings and beginnings. It's a powerful time of year and I wonder if that is why people get so het up and emotional. 
I think mostly it's about expectations and life would be simpler if we could train ourselves otherwise.

about living up to family ideals,
others living up to our ideals,
the food,
the gifts,

I know I set myself up for a fall if I expect a Christmas that is a cross between Martha Stewart Living magazine and Vogue Entertaining but it is OK to aspire to one.

"Aspire" and "expect" are too different things.

I rather fancy a Walton kind of Christmas too, cash poor but rich in spirit, everyone embracing hand made gifts and the whole family together and loving each other and getting along.
In reality most families have someone not speaking to someone else and it is as exasperating as it is hurtful. 

Let go of your expectations and there will be nowhere to fall
Hold on to your aspirations for they are the dreams that take you higher.

You may contribute to someone else's happiness but you are not responsible for it.
Everyone must be ultimately responsible for their own happiness and contentment.

"Contributing to" and being "responsible for" happiness are two different things.

So my Christmas wish for you all is to enjoy the celebration of Christ's birthday with an open heart and an open mind. Let go of expectations and revel in your own happiness.

The Secret Of Happiness...
Something To Do,
Someone To Love 
Something To Hope For


  1. Wise words. I hope I remember them if things get a little stressful over the next few days. Thank you.

  2. Another lovely reflective post Tanya! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful day today!

  3. Wishing you all the best over this Christmas season Tanya! Thanks for all your wise words and interesting posts - its always a pleasure to stop by! I really like your thoughts today.
    Have a good one.... love Ev


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