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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting it Wrapped

A couple of stamps and stamp pads and a bottle of embossing powder are a great investment. They last for YEARS and save you heaps.

I make my own cards usually and always make my own gift tags.
It saves me lots of money and I get to make them to the theme I have chosen for the year.
A set of cards or gift tags also make great presents to give and something the children can get involved in.
Back in the day when people sent lots of letters, I used to love making stationery sets for gifts. My Nan used to get a lot of those.

The actually tag shapes this year were leftovers cut from a scrapbooking/card making session. Gift tags can be cut in all sorts of shapes. Stars and circles or trees also look great for Christmas.

As you know from previous posts my colours this year are aqua and pink (I've said it before, Christmas is my one folly). Sometimes it is hard to find what you are looking for in the Christmas wrap bins so head to the back of the store and look for their regular paper for colour combos. 

All the ribbon is recycled many times from our gifts.
I really love the size of these tags because they are so easy to write comfortably on the other side.

Throughout the year I also collect empty boxes for wrapping. Clothing, soft items and strange shapes are always much easier to wrap and stack when they are in a box first, plus it keeps them guessing. 
How is your wrapping going?
Do you love it like I do?


  1. Oh - I love wrapping presents - making little boxes for gift cards, baksets for chocolates ...... My tags this year are all stars which I edged in glitter! Hours of fun. :)

    1. I saw some of your cards SaraJ, they are lovely

  2. I love the tags, Tanya... and the wrapping looks very pretty.... I am using paper that looks like old newspaper with some tape measure looking ribbon.... plus some contrasting paper and some brown jute. More of a rustic theme for me :)

  3. Fabulous wrapping and tags Tanya..I'm nearly there, just a few more presents to find still. At least I've finished with the end of year functions now and will have time over the next couple of days to hunt out those few things.

  4. I like putting gifts inside boxes too, to keep them guessing!


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