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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Cake 2012

You may remember from this post, I had made the cake this year using Grandma Murray's Christmas Cake recipe. Normally Mum makes the cake and decorates it in theme every year for me (Love you Mum x)
This year we had a fun filled day doing it together....

And I learned a LOT!

This year's colours being blue and pink we thought we would try our hand at some coloured white chocolate leaves to create poinsettias.
We melted white chocolate and used colouring powders especially made for colouring chocolate and spread it over the backs of different sized lemon leaves. Because I grow the lemons, I know they are completely chemical free. I know you can also use this method with rose leaves too.

After a minute to harden in the fridge they were easily peeled away and ready for more coatings. We mixed more colour in for deeper shades.

We used a layer of white royal icing over the cake before using dollops of melted chocolate to hold the leaves in place.

This method is very easy and effective and a great little project for a day with Mum.
I will definitely use this method in the future.
I love the beautiful vein detail on the leaves too.
So that pretty much wraps up the pink and aqua Christmas here for 2012.


  1. Absolutely beautiful Tanya! You and your mother are very clever ladies :-)

  2. That's a beautiful cake Tanya! So lovely that you got to decorate it with your mum :)


  3. Your cake is beautiful Tanya. I love the colours and detail of the leaves. An ombre effect really. How special that you decorated it with your Mum. I hope you had a lovely day x

  4. Tanya, your cake looks beautiful......
    What a great way to achieve the look you were after and how nice to spend this time with your mum.

    Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

    Claire x

  5. That looks lovely, and really goes with your colour scheme!


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