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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chicks Are 8 Weeks Old

We have 20 chicks and one of them is a male
Can you spot which one?
These Black Australorps and have been sired by a Red Rooster and some are throwing some rust colouring in their chests. 
They are a delightful bunch and becoming very used to us.
They have a large outdoor run where they can stretch their wings with lots of running flights just like children playing in a playground.
They are eating a diet of chick crumble and delighting in fresh greens every now and then from the garden.
They have been having dust baths in the powdery lucerne mulch area and they saw their first large puddle a couple of days ago.

Thirteen are already spoken for. If you are a local (Tas) and would like to purchase any of the remaining at point of lay they will be ready in about February. 
I love this hardy backyard fowl with their personable natures.
We had a group doing a class here with us last Thursday night and they were surprised how easily the older girls were handled and how calm they were.
I like nothing better than lying on the grass in front of their pen and just watching them discover their world.


  1. oooh, looking forward to adding to our family! xx

  2. Beautiful girls (and guys, too)! Are you sure that only one is a rooster?
    So glad they like to be handled and loved on. Two of mine don't, as they weren't hand-raised when little. Those two bring me such grief!

  3. Looks as though you have 2 roosters, Tanya.
    This photo brings back lovely memories when I lived at Hillside Crescent and we were nearly self-sufficient.

  4. They're lovely!
    You're very lucky to only have one cockerel (or is that two?). Cockerels have always been in the majority when I've hatched eggs out.

  5. Awwwwww - we are so looking forward to our little bunch!


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