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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rat Tail Radishes

I was first introduced to Rat Tail Radishes last year by my good friend Lee from Killiecrankie Farm. She is busy selling her beautifully groomed purposely grown Christmas Trees at the moment but she also has a nursery and dispenses horticultural advice like she was born that way.
She kindly saved me some seed so I could sow them this year and I intend to save seed and pass them on in turn to as many people as I can.
This is an absolute gem to have in the yard

From a tiny seed not unlike a mustard seed this lush bush grows rather quickly and robustly.
The seed is sown directly in situ in spring.

Just look at the pretty flowers it gets covered in.
Some bushes have white and some have this beautiful veined lilac colour.

From the pollinated flowers grows these pointy ended pods. They look a little bit like beans.
They taste like a radish but a bit less hot and with a burst of succulent juice.
Naturally they are good for snacking on straight from the bush while watering the garden but they are an intriguing addition to a salad.
Toss a few in with some mixed leaves. Delicious.
They can also be eaten in a sandwich.
This is a great plant for the children to grow; easy, fast growing, attractive and abundant looking and it is eaten raw. Ticks all the boxes for children.
I'll save you some seed.


  1. What an interesting plant, I've never heard of it before.
    The name's a bit off putting though!

  2. Yes please!! Although I hope it doesn't cross with that horrid yellow flowered wild radishy thing we have here in Sheffield?

  3. Yummo! I had these for the first time a few weeks ago at La Garagiste in Hobart. They were delicious! Beautiful looking plants too.


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