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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some Good Reading This Week

A very, very interesting post over at Eight Acres about 
and it makes so much sense.
An observation of nature doing exactly what it needs to do to ensure the survival of the species.

Here is one from earlier this year about alternative syrups to use in your fruit bottling from
Now that cherries are coming into season, this is a good one to re-visit.

My Go To blog, Housewife Eclectic, for all things techno savvy and digital has another great how to...
She gives a really easy to understand and brief (cos I have a short attention span) tutorial for taking pictures to capture the lovely glowing lights at this time of year.

And for a funny take on the Christmas visual...
by the hilarious Pamela J 

And for a beautiful, thought provoking and personal look at life and the meaning of Christmas I recommend this post at Pumpkin, Pie, Painter
A trip over to her blog is worth it for the warm fuzzies of her Christmas ready home but I'm sure you will enjoy a candid tale of a busy person's life and the crossing path of a neighbour's tragic circumstance.  

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  1. Hi Tanya, thanks for the link, glad you enjoyed my post, I hope I've saved a few hens from an early death! I look forward to reading more about your simple life in Tassie. Cheers, Liz


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