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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Market Day and a Pig's Head

A very colourful day at the market today featuring a lot of purple.
We had "Blue Saphire" potatoes, purple skinned Kohl Rabi, purple flowering chives and even the new season garlic bulbs were flushed a little purple.
We also had coloured chard in vibrant magenta, orange, salmon and saffron yellow for cutting up into salads.

The little blackboards on loan from the guys at Resurekt worked a treat.

The soap sold very well too and I'm afraid the "Brown Windsor", "Savon Edifiante" and "Peace on Earth" are all sold out. I only have "Rosemary and Thyme" and "Lavender, Lime and Bergamot" and plain tallow left.
I have had a few customers come back to buy more of the pure tallow and they have said how soft it makes their skin. Some have said the smell was a bit different at first but they love the way their skin feels and have come back for more. It is the soap that Craig and I prefer to use too but it's not for everyone.
I'll be packing him a good supply before he heads bush. 

As for the rest of today....
I have a pig's head and four trotters in the fridge and would love some guidance and suggestions about what to do with them. I have never cooked them before. I have studied some of my old house-lore books and the suggestion is to slow cook, shred the meat and then put in a weighted mould to make brawn.
Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas...
I'm all ears.


  1. Sounds like a lovely colourful market morning! How lovely :)
    I actually have your shop open and got sidetracked reading other blogs hehe. I seem to be having a little problem with the shipping charge on there (its telling me it will be $38!) Shall I put it through anyway and then just have you refund the difference? Thanks Tanya :)

  2. My Nan always had pickled pig's trotters in the fridge at this time of the year and I loved them. Can't imagine eating them now though!

  3. My family always made brawn with those bits but I have no idea how sorry.

  4. I have seen people use the trotter skin as a casing around some sort of sausage/stuffing type filling. These can then be sliced to serve.

  5. hi Tanya some of your soaps sound lovely I love buying handmade soaps, I wondered do you make any vegan ones or do they all have animal fat in them

  6. Oh, the soaps sound divine!

    Good luck with the porky parts!

  7. If I had a pig's Head I really would have no idea what to do with it as far as cooking. Maybe I'd put it on a garden stake near the front gate for shock effect


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