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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Back On Track With More Gifts

Phew! Back on track.
Thanks Tamar Sewing Service for making my machine almost new again AND within 26hrs!
Free pick up and delivery.
Turns out there was some breakage and wear in the foot peddle which is not surprising given that it is 27yrs old. The repair has meant that I have lost a lot of speed variations...
actually pretty much I have stop and flat out!
I feel a bit like an industrial sewer and I really have to keep my fingers flying but oh well, at this time of year flat out is just right.
On the project board are some children's aprons and some flags for a little boy's fort.

I would like to say very big thank you to all the local people who so generously offered to loan me their machines. Such a generous bunch.
Big Love XXX
And now I must away....


  1. Nice apron, was hoping to sew one for my little boy for Xmas but time is fast running out!

  2. Hey Tanya, glad to read you have your machine back in working order, despite the foot peddle issue.

    I think I would be a little lost without my machine.......maybe I would get more gardening done !!

    Cute little apron, nice bright colours.

    Claire :}

  3. I love the colours of the apron. You'll get the others run up in no time, now you're going full steam ahead!


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