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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Read About This Week

Are you looking for something new to read?
Here is what excited me this week....

I watched a little boy take me through step by step "How To Make A Corn Cob Dolly"
on the Magic Onions. Don't underestimate the abilities of your kids and let them have a supervised go with tools. Imagine his pride when he gave it to his sister. 

"I have to stop.
There's no denying the sight I see.
Nothing can draw me away.
The view before me demands my response...."

What comes next???
Click over to Pumpkin Pie Painter to read "Unexpected Purple"
It is but a short passage but so poignant.

A good segue from that would be to "A Prayer For Our Daughters" that I read on ChickChat

You might also like to read about Marriage Discrimination that is being debated at the moment. (Stop and think and remember to consider your responses)
Virtu writes about "I DO"

And finally....
A very new blog about being Gluten free here at ValysK

Have a wonderful weekend.
There is much on my mind and much to consider.
Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who take my thoughts elsewhere for a glimpse into their worlds.

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